Real Women, Real Results.

Carly - Cornwall
"Absolutely Loving the Hair Revival Oil! Not only does it make your hair feel amazing, it smells divine!! Thanks for a great product Coconut Bee!"
Dom - Cornwall, UK
"I'm quite a skincare snob and along with my immeasurable fear of looking like a crumpled old receipt and a fear of any needle procedures means I'm a lover of many expensive lotions and potions. The Coconut Bee's Life Balm is the one thing I credit to helping my scars this year... Of which there are many... because I pick at my face on a bi-monthly basis... despite being 30 and seemingly more responsible with my face. It's actually replaced some of the more pricey products in my cupboard its that good and comes with me on every trip! New skincare brands and the amount of products to choose from can be overwhelming at first but if you try anything make it this.. And the rose lip balm!" 
Daisy Clark - Cornwall, UK 
"The coffee scrub is one of my favourite products! Leaves your skin feeling super soft and is amazing paired with the body butter. Both smell incredible too! And I use the hair oil religiously as I have curly hair and it really helps with the crazy ends and also smells wonderful." 
Holly Barnes - Southampton, UK
“I started using the products a couple of weeks ago after I found them in my local surf shop TJ’s in Polzeath whilst holiday. Automatically I was drawn to them as they were eco-friendly. When I looked at the ingredients I was extra happy to give it ago as I’ve always struggled with my skin and shop brought products as they unbalance my skin PH levels. After a couple of weeks use I’ve noticed a massive difference, even my friends have! My skin has a healthier glow and my hair is softer! Can’t recommend enough. Totally in love”
Nina Wood - Rotherham, UK 
“I absolutely love this brand as I have a couple of things I use daily from them. The Coconut Bee are organic, eco friendly and cruelty free which is always good! They also have the freshest scent ever! I cannot wait to try more!” 
Emma Griffin - Cornwall, UK 
“I am a huge lover of natural skin products and these are awesome! They smell amazing, they make your skin super soft its great for my hair! Not often do I rave about a product but this stuff is seriously incredible. I have so many people ask what I have been using lately on my skin and it’s this brand!!” 
Maddie Meddings - Croyde, UK 
“In LOVE with my goodies from The Coconut Bee. So refreshing to see natural cosmetic products that work, smell like heaven in a tub, have beautiful branding and are the definition of homemade. I’ve been shoving the life balm on pretty much every bare patch of skin locking in that moisture! Plus now I smell fantastic!”   
Emily Legg - Trowbridge, UK 
“I first discovered The Coconut Bee when on holiday in Cornwall and have since ordered some more products because they are so lovely. I love the fact they are made from organic and eco friendly ingredients, which are cruelty free. No plastic involved in the packaging of the products either. The lip balm smells delicious and makes your lips feel so soft, the best lip balm I’ve used that doesn’t ultimately dry your lips out if yours don’t continually use it. Thank you The Coconut Bee!”
Abbi Naylor - Southampton, UK 
“The Coconut Bee hair oil has been my tortured locks saviour. It smells lush, it feels lovely and makes my long hair breathe a sigh of relief when I apply it. I use it before a surf and on the beach; apply a couple of drops to the ends after a shower or sometimes I do use my hair in it over night as a hair mask. All ways are blissful!” 
Taz Zee - Cornwall, UK 
“Having super curly, highlighted hair and recently getting back into surfing, I’ve struggled loads with how to make the curls work and what products will help rather than totally dry it out (which the sea is doing a good job of). I loved the fact that the coconutbee was not only eco friendly but also Cornish (the best place in the world) so I gave the Surf Revival a go. I can’t get over how much it’s helped my curls and given so much moisture back to my hair. I am IN LOVE!!!!”
Charlotte Cloke - Cornwall, UK 
“These products are amazing! Not only are they hydrating and soothing to the skin but they also smell absolutely beautiful, I borrowed my mums and then had to buy my own and some Life Balm to use on my clients whilst doing their nail and spa treatments, I have not been disappointed!! Not one client has been disappointed and all of them have said how beautiful their skin smells and feels after!! Cannot recommend The Coconut Bee enough!! Xx”
Tamsyn Hill - Cornwall, UK 
“After using the ‘Off the Lip’ Rose & Seaweed lip balm, Surf Revival hair oil and Beach Break body butter I just had to say how impressed I am with all the products - they are just beautiful!!! The lip balm leaves my lips feeling really soft and moisturised for a long time, I just love it!! The body butter goes on almost like a luxuries body oil and soaks into my skin leaving it really smooth without leaving it feeling sticky which is something I hate about a lot of body butters. It doesn’t feel really heavy either and I adore the smell of it! So fresh!!! 
The hair oil has been the biggest winner for me though! I had my daughter just over 5 months ago and since the end of my pregnancy my hair has been dry, falling out and generally not feeling like my hair, and spending most of my time at the beach does not seem to help this. I have used the oil a couple of times and actually left it on overnight and my hair finally felt soft again - it was like magic! My hair is feeling like my hair again! I cannot recommend this enough and will definitely continue to use. The fact that Coconut Bees ethos and values are so amazing as well just adds to how great a company they are! Thank you for creating lovely products!”