About Us

Founded in 2018, The Coconut Bee started as a simple and honest idea,100% natural skincare that's not only good for you but also game-changingly good for the planet. Born of a combined love of the ocean and passion for sustainability, we decided to ditch the wasteful packaging, unnatural preservatives, and synthetic perfumes and develop the concept of 'Natural Beauty by the Sea'.
Crafted in the heart of Cornwall, our products have been carefully formulated to repair and nourish skin and hair exposed to the elements. Creating blends that uplift the spirit, offering a fresh & unique take on natural beauty.
Since our debut we have managed to bring our slice of Cornwall to people all over the UK and across various continents, nurturing a strong community and helping us make a difference.
 100% Natural
We use only natural ingredients in our skincare. Zero synthetic fragrances, stabilizers or additives.
100% Plastic Free
We want to keep our oceans as clean as our beauty, so all of our packaging is plastic free, biodegradable & recyclable.
100% Cornish Made
All of our products are hand manufactured in Cornwall by our team using a combination of sustainably sourced & organic ingredients.
Skincare for the Earth Conscious
Hand crafted on the north coast of Cornwall in the UK. The Coconut Bee offers a unique organic range of 100% natural skin & hair care alternatives tailored for coastal living.
We are passionate about creating synthetic free beauty alternatives with sustainably sourced ingredients. Zero harmful effects on our planet & completely cruelty free! 
Why Ethically Source?
At The Coconut Bee we believe life is full of choices. We choose to create products with zero synthetic chemicals. A range not tested on animals, containing only ingredients from sustainable and fairtrade sources. One with no palm oil or microbeads that are harmful to our planet. We choose a clear
conscience. Not only that, we choose a product that really works to our lifestyle, Naturally.
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