Surf Girl's Meet the Maker

We recently featured in Surfgirl Magazines Meet the Maker Blog!
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Here's a sneak peek! 
How would you describe your brand?
‘Natural Beauty by the Sea’ is our brand slogan, we live 2 minutes away from the beach in Cornwall and my love for the ocean and nature has always been a source of constant inspiration for me. I am passionate about creating a range of natural organic beauty alternatives tailored for coastal living. Our products have been developed to repair and nourish skin and hair exposed to the elements whilst having zero negative effects on the planet.
How do you decide on new products? / Where does your inspiration come from?
I love playing with different ingredients and ideas. I have a lot of plants and make a lot of raw remedies at home. I’m a firm believer that the earth provides everything our bodies need to thrive so I draw a lot of inspiration from nature. My ideas usually start from home and then grow from there. I like to think about what I want and need in a product then spend the time developing it from base ingredients to blends.

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