Putting Life Balm To The Test... Kilimanjaro!

At the start of 2020 we decided to put our fan favourite ‘Life Balm’ to the test ! We love this multipurpose unisex balm SO much that we decided to send it up Kilimanjaro! And without further ado I am finally getting to share the results and feedback we received from two separate expedition teams who journeyed up the mountain earlier this year...

Life Balm was originally inspired by our passion for travel and exploring – We wanted to create an all natural, all purpose balm that we could throw into our backpacks and not have to worry about packing various different products that take up heaps of space. Not only that, but one that could incorporate key organic ingredients that promote healing and skin repair when you need it most. From chapped lips to eczema, reef rash to sun burn this ultimate dry skin backpack essential is one of the best selling products in our range.

So let’s talk about the mountain...

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa standing 19,341 feet above sea level making it a popular destination for climbers and adventurers. Both teams set off with experienced Mountain Leader Abbi Naylor, who leads on average 12 expeditions per year and has taken on Kilimanjaro 14 times. Abbi is passionate about natural skincare and was delighted to help us with our project. We discussed our plans to find out exactly how much our Life Balm could benefit the teams skin in high altitude conditions and shortly after sent her 15 balms for both treks. We cannot express how excited we were to see how they got on...

Team 1: Expedition 24 February 2020

 “First impressions of the balm are fantastic, the aesthetics are lovely and the product feels high end, it also smells divine. I used it continuously when on the mountain, I usually suffer from cracked lips and a peeling nose whilst using other products, and however my skin and lips are in a much better state now.”
“Genuinely it has really helped my skin at altitude and has stopped my nose getting so battered and peeling.”
“I would highly recommend this product to my mountaineering friends and the mountain community. Nice work.”
What Did The Team Have To Say?
Jody - Really lovely product. Had it in my waist pocket of my back pack the entire trip. Used it for dry lips and nose, also dry skin from using poles. I even treated my hair to a dose of it when I got back to the hotel. Smelt divine. 
Helen - I loved it so much that I stopped using any other products that I had taken with me on the mountain. I suffer from eczema and it was fantastic for me skin. Thank you. 
Hayley – Amazing balm, used on my face and lips whilst up Kili and my skin and lips felt so nice and soft! Definitely recommend.
Khalid – Great stuff. Used on my beard and lips whilst going up Kili. Helped with sun/windburn. And my beard felt soft throughout.
Anna - lovely balm. I used it on my lips to protect them from the sun and wind on long treks to and from Kili. Attractive label but almost too small lettering to read without glasses. Good job! 
Marc - I put this on my lips and beard to give protection and to treat them. I was not disappointed. Would recommend.
Beverly - I used it on my hands. They felt soft and helped with the cracking in the cold. 
Team 2: Expedition 24 February 2020
“I have just got back from the second Kilimanjaro trip of the year. It was a slightly different trip for me as it was a small group looking for a bit more a luxury experience. The life balm was absolutely perfect and a great little gifts for the clients. They loved it, they had brought some very expensive products with them to use. They just ended up using the life balm. One said that it was the best smelling product she has ever used!”
Abbi told us "Overall it was a huge success and created a great talking point". 
We couldn't be happier with the results of this hands on testing in mountainous conditions. We market Life Balm as a rescue remedy in all environments so we were stoked to have such amazing feedback from Abbi and her team! 
We would like to thank every single member of both expeditions who took the time to try and test our balm! 
A little note about Abbi... 
Abbi is a an extremely inspirational figure to us here at The Coconut Bee and if you yourself are a bit of an adventuring enthusiast we strongly recommend checking out her website and socials! She has some really cool experience and offers some amazing trips! 

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